Shaping the future of mobile apps

Mobitech Ltd is a growing software development company based in Dubai, UAE. We’re an applications development company that was established in 2022.

With an aim to deliver meaningful digital products and with international expansion in mind, the company works primarily on developing cross platform mobile applications.

Core Values

Our mission

Empowering lifestyle improvements for consumers one mobile application at a time.

Our vision

To be a leading software development company of multi-platform applications.

Crafting World-Class Mobile Applications

Developing the next-generation iOS and Android app that helps improve lifestyle in the modern device of your choice, using the following technology.
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Android App Development

We provide end-to-end service to create top-notch native Android apps; or port existing iOS app to Android.
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Xamarin & MAUI Development

We specialise in developing multi-platform applications that use the Microsoft Xamarin and MAUI development environments. This reduces the time to deploy an application and greatly simplifies the development process.
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iOS App Development

We use modern programming languages, such as Swift to develop services for iPhones and iPads.
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C# Development

We create code to support large scale mobile applications using the latest programming languages. If your needs are for a modern multi-platform large scale mobile application then that’s our specialty.